This page containes an overview of frequently asked questions as well as some useful tips/tricks for living in the Sky or Box.

If you miss anything on this page or have some tips/tricks yourself, do not hesitate to contact us (algemeen@skybox.utwente.nl)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody hire the living room?

  • No, only members of the association SkyBox
  • To become a member, email algemeen@skybox.utwente.nl

Renting rules

What to do in case of nuisance? (noise, garbage lingering around containers, etc.)

  • Contact Charlie (Campus Security; located at Spiegel) – 053-4892134

Keeping heat from your room

  • Use survival blankets on the outside of your window (silver side reflecting the sun)
  • Install a mobile airconditioner
Tips and tricks

Cleaning the bathroom floor

  • Put (diluted) bleach on the floor and clean up with water
  • Vacuum clean it regularly

Pharaoh ants

  • Contact Rentokil (veste@rentokil.com)
  • Contact De Veste

Revision rent

  • Every year the rent of your room is increased (around July)
  • To ensure your rent allowance stays accurate, indicate any changes in https://mijn.toeslagen.nl/default.aspx and choose under the header Report changes (Wijzigingen doorgeven) the subheader Living (Wonen) and follow the steps