Additional renting rules

As precaution against COVID-19, some extra rules for the renting of the Living Room have been established, indicated below. The regular rules are present on the Renting rules page.

  • Measures of the RIVM need to be taken into account at all times;
  • Max. 4 persons allowed in the living room;
  • The renter is responsible for their own consumptions;
  • Compliance with the rules is the responsibility of the renter;
  • The board of the SkyBox association cannot be held accountable for any violations of the above rules or for the (negative) consequences of the violations;
  • The board of the SkyBox association reserves the right to modify this addendum in case it is deemed necessary by the board
  • The board of the SkyBox association can decide at any time to stop the rental and close the living room again when notice is taken of violations of the rules.